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UX design and analytics report on the audio streaming App Spoon.

Spoon is an audio-only live streaming platform where anyone can have their own show, interact with listeners, and earn money.

Had you heard of Spoon? Me either, I'm not in the right age demographic and its only available to download in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa, the US, and recently the Middle East.

I was hired by a competitor of Spoon to analyse the apps UX/UI design and monetisation. View report here.

Spoon’s brand identity is playful, friendly and non-gender specific. The layout of the app is clean with clear signposting, light touch vector graphic background elements with plenty of white space, making it easy to scan and digest content. Keeping the layout simple should future proof the design, allowing room for incremental updates without impacting on the UI or file size download.

The logo has been simplified, removing the spoon icon lockup and reversing the type colour. The Spoon logo lockup seems to have been designed mainly for the App icon to help it stand out, also the lockup version may have been too dominant on screen, taking up visual real estate.

To read more view report here.

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