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Team Go creates The Telegrass™ newsletter.

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially year on year. The Telegrass™ provides a non bias view on global news, events, products, health and lifestyle services.

*This project is in design phase, none of the visuals you see are final.

The Telegrass™, is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Katie Bell. KB spent two years researching the plants medicinal properties and the ever growing industry, taking the leap in April 2019 by launching the first female lead cannabis newsletter in the UK. I joined soon after to help build the team and develop the brand. Within a couple of weeks we had a small team of writers and a new EIC.

The brand tone is slightly cheeky, as if you were chatting to your best friend who knew something worth knowing. The messaging format is informative, funny but trustworthy with a touch of hippy kitsch, one can't be too series when discussing the potential benefits of weed.

Building a brand through a weekly newsletter and social isnt easy but we soon gathered momentum gaining over 10 thousand subscriptions in under one month from launch. In Jan 2020 the TT team headed to Malaga to interview the CEO of CBD manufacture Iberifarm. This would be our first and last live interview. Soon after our return from Spain covid struck and the team dispersed. Good news is we are aiming to come back stronger in 2021. What a year :(

The above intro card animation was created in Berlin by Aljoscha Höhborn another creative brother from another mother.

The above teaser was created for the Insta feed.

The above ad was created for the Insta stories.

Details on the section phase of the The Telegrass™ roadmap coming soon...

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