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Mapa, one app to rule them all.

A mapping app that layers multiple map environments into one. Using the API's of all your favourite lifestyle organisation tools.

*This project is in design phase, none of the visuals you see are final.

Do you jump between different apps that provide a service via a map? If you use Uber, Opentable or even google maps then you do. Did you know that multi app use totally drains your battery during a busy day? It totally does!. The idea behind Mapa is to reduce the need to leap around apps by allowing multiple app API's to live in layers on a single map. You can hire a car, a bike, locate and book a restaurant, rent local accommodation, book a train ticket and even order deliveroo on the go.

If interested in a deep dive into the UX thinking I made a quick video prototype walk through.

Details on the section phase of the Mapa™ roadmap coming soon...

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