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Global Cannabis distribution via an app, when its legal of course.

Deala™ will be the first fully automated weed delivery service in the world. Uber with a slick whiff.

*This project is in design phase, none of the visuals you see are final.

I had been helping my partner out on her publication, The Telegrass™ when the idea of Deala was born. We were gathered amazing insight in a new industry, learning how the plant is grown and refined for health/lifestyle benefits and uncovered the cowboy wannabe players hoping to cash in on the growing $340 billion industry. Cannabis is 100% ready for further disruption and innovation, but it has one major drawback, legislation across borders.

And still the industry grows regardless of global politics and personal opinions. We've seen stocks rise ( Aurora Cannabis Holdings went supernova ). CBD has also been a massive trend hit in 2019/2020, helping carve the way for the plant to be accepted into the health online retail space.

First phase of Deala™ is the build of the CBD store, then we will be extend the Deala™ brand into vehicles for hire, weed and CBD delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and finally the introduction of home delivered goods made of and by Deala™.

Details on the section phase of the Deala™ roadmap coming soon...

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