top of page redesign using ui8 benton design assets. is an audio, ebook and podcast streaming, download service, with around 12,000 customers per day. *This project is in design phase, none of the visuals you see are final.

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Phillip Battle, the founder of Digital Book and I worked together at The Economist films on a number of campaign lead websites design and builds before I turned my attention to his private venture,

The website gets plenty of traffic and conversion but lacks personality, its forgettable. We gathered data and user feedback and found that even the smallest design update received positive response from customers.

Research revealed competitors in the audio book market invest very little in their brand or website offering, relying on clicks and small conversions rates via Amazon, leaving a clear opening to create a brand that's intelligent, easy to use and trustworthy.

We extracted the three O's from the sites url to form letters in the typeface and the play icon. Repeating the same scale and shape to bring synergy and consistency to brand ID.

A three way colour palette was created to highlight the main offerings, listen to an audiobook, podcast or read an eBook. Purple: illustrating power, creativity and wisdom. Green: The action to go, move forward and grow. Pink: is a sonic hue, or colour noise.

The font we used in this project was Cera Pro. Its elementary shapes, elegance and geometric form support the use of neumorphic design elements and Ui8 benot 3d kit. The font adds a certain warmth wherever a contemporary geometric typeface is needed.

Mobile Figma Prototype ( best viewed on your mobile device)

Digitalbook wanted a more trend focused approach in the design thinking, to embrace neomorphic design brining 3D elements and animations in the build but due to a tight budget the most cost effective solution was to utilise the fantastic kit created by Ui8, test the customer response and then build a unique design system to suit. Most of the site traffic originates from google searches for free books so we created a 3 options entry funnel system and a direct search option to beta test. On average the current site converts around 20% to purchase.

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