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Sonos One speaker and table lamp concept.

The idea was spot on, so good Ikea and Sonos produced something very similar.

*These projects are in design phase, none of the visuals you see are final.

// Introducing the Muli One

Muli One (working title) came to me during a late night conversation over a few glasses of the good stuff. I love my Sonos wireless speaker system but not as much as a well considered, clutterless interior. Sonos looks great but if you add more than 2 speakers to a room they start to dominate the space, it looks too studio, tech heavy! I also have a thing for antique and mid century desk lamps, they play a big part in my home decor so I thought why not combine the two.

The idea was not to build a lamp speaker but to build a lamp that cradles the speaker, hiding it from view inside the head of a lamp. I call this new form, Hidables.

(you heard the term here first :)

The lamps head would be housed using speaker cloth fabric to allow the quality of sound to travel without interference. I took my sketch (below) to a 3D product designer to create the first design but unfortunately unbeknown to me Sonos and Ikea had partnered to launch an entry level speaker lamp collection, SYMFONISK. I personally don't like the designs, I hear the sound quality isn't up to Sonos standards.

I'm holding off any further work until I can get some data on how well the collection sold at Ikea. Muli One could still be a contender into the world of Hideables.

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