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Contracted by Ustwo as Design lead on a Northstar product vision for Eli Lilly. Designing an integrated product pulling on machine learning to support clinicians, reducing the complexity behind insights and recommendations. 

There are 37.5 million people with diabetes in America and only 8,000 endocrinologists. These doctors are overworked and under constant pressure. Supporting Primary Care physicians are expected to take on some of the burdens but lack the confidence, time & knowledge to support patients fully.


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Prior to this project, I had limited knowledge about the pressing issue of diabetes and the increasing cases in the USA and Europe.

I value projects that have a positive impact on people's lives, and the opportunity to conceptualise a Northstar vision for a diabetes management platform has been incredibly educational and rewarding.

Through extensive research and collaboration with healthcare professionals, I gained a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by patients and the heavy burden carried by doctors in managing diabetes. This knowledge has been invaluable in shaping  design approach and creating a tool that addresses the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.



Personalised - Understanding complex behaviours, simply
​Integrated - Promoting & promoting shared decision-making 

Powered By Tempo insights - The enabler that allows for better conversations & improved patient/physician dynamic

Vision statement:

Personalised & integrated diabetes care. 

Powered by Tempo Insights.


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