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Virgin Sport's aim is to get millions of people moving through irresistible, inclusive and entertaining athletic events for everyone – athletes, new participants, family and friends. The idea is more of a fitness/sports experience combined with local food, music, art and culture. Focusing on getting kids active and giving back to youth sports programs. Apparently Virgin Sport was dreamt up by Sir Richard and Co-Founder Freddie Andrewes while cycling through South Africa.

Position:  Contracted Creative 

Agency: AKQA  

Launch live site

The modular board frame design was rolled out across four primary sections of, Discovery, Where we go, How we do it and multiple landing pages. Each top-level board ‘Alpha’ opens by expanding down in a fluid animation CSS effect, to reveal the Open Alpha displaying subcategories. The model works for both desktop and mobile. On tap or click an in-page overlay slides up with details in blocks. 


Tapping or clicking on the blue block (1) will trigger an inline transition from ‘Alpha’ to ‘Open Alpha. The illustration below indicates the transition between these two states. Click here to see a video example taken from the live site.




The Economist Films

It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, a global business shaped and reshaped by competition, creativity and innovation. 


TimeOut Global

Discover the forces transforming how people live and work in the modern age 


Virgin Sport

Discover the forces transforming how people live and work in the modern age 

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